All you need is brought up by a single account
  • The precise location of tracked devices
  • Live map and statistics
  • Points of interest (POI)
  • Geofences (zones)
  • Routes
  • Tracking history replay
  • 90 days of history
  • Instant and scheduled reports
  • Flexible event system
  • Sensors
  • Notifications
  • Remote device control
  • Multilingual interface (30+ languages included)
  • 800+ compatible devices

    Frequently asked questions

  • #1
    How does the free trial work?

    Register account in GPS Server, it will take only a couple of minutes. Add GPS tracking unit IMEI or ID to created account. Enjoy, your free trial just started.

    Trial period starts at the moment a GPS device is added to the account, all newly connected units can be used for 14 days. You will have access to all GPS tracking account features, no limits, obligations, or contracts.

    Visit a quick start guide to begin using GPS Server.

  • #2
    What happens after the trial ends?

    At the end of the GPS tracking account trial, the status of all units which were used during the trial period will be changed to inactive. GPS unit data and account setup remains intact for 30 days. To continue tracking GPS devices, subscribe to plan or request an individual quote.

    If none of the GPS units are activated within 30 days, GPS tracking account and all associated data will be permanently deleted from GPS server.

  • #3
    How does the plan work?

    Each plan includes the number of licenses that can be used for the activation of GPS tracking devices.

    The pricing plans differ only in the number of licenses included. Each license allows you to activate one device for one year. The license is kept until it is used for device activation. Unused licenses never expire and can be used at any time.

  • #5
    Can device be replaced?

    If the device is damaged, lost, or becomes unusable for any other reason, the license can be transferred to a new device.

  • #6
    If I buy a new plan, do I need to create a new account?

    An unlimited number of plans can be assigned to the same account.

    There are two ways to subscribe:

    • Buy plan in GPS tracking account. The order will be processed immediately and the plan will appear in the account within a few minutes.
    • Buy plan on the website. Processing is slower and can take up to 24 hours to assign a purchased plan to the account.
  • #7
    Are there any additional fees?

    There are no additional or hidden fees for using the GPS tracking account. To continue tracking, you only need to pay the plan price to activate the device.

    Additional costs may only be incurred if the customer requests delivery of notifications via the SMS (Short Message Service) channel. In this case, the customer independently uses a free or paid third-party SMS service, the setup is quick and easy. Contact us for more details or assistance.

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