GPS Server

Real-time GPS server for business and personal use

Get all the benefits of a powerful GPS tracking system - history, reports, alerts, reminders of maintenance due, remote control of equipment, driving behavior, fuel monitoring and other great features. The impressive number (765) of compatible GPS trackers gives you the freedom of hardware choice.

Overview of GPS server services

We offer three GPS tracking solutions that meet the needs of most clients. You are a caring and attentive parent, a person who wants to protect their property, a business startup owner or a company with a large fleet, we have a solution for every case.

To make our service suitable for every client, we offer several editions with flexible plans.

GPS Tracking Account

A quick and easy way to keep track of family members, pets or property such as cars, bikes, scooters and other items that need special attention. Pay-as-you-go payment policy makes it easy to use and keeps costs low by only paying for connected devices.

The account comes with a map to monitor the location of each connected GPS tracking device in real time. GPS server stores incoming information for three months. Load the route of a past time for data control or other purposes.

Set a schedule or instantly generate various reports about travel route, driving behavior and others. Reports can be downloaded and saved for future analysis.

The event system allows you to get instant notifications that can be very useful. Get SOS when your loved one needs help, stay informed when your teenager is speeding or your vehicle's ignition has been turned on unexpectedly. Events can make daily life easier or even be life-saving.

Visit Quick Start Guide, to learn the basics, create an account, and start GPS tracking. You will have access to all the features of the GPS tracking account, with no restrictions, commitments or contracts. The 14-day free trial begins when a GPS device is added to the account, all newly connected devices are free to use for 14 days.

GPS server

GPS server is a cloud-based SAAS (Software as a Service) solution commonly used to start a GPS tracking business or manage large fleets. The cloud-based GPS server allows customers to rename the GPS tracking server, associate their own domain name, change logo, and customize the user interface color scheme. White label features make the GPS tracking system look like it is a native part of your business. GPS Server Administrator has the access to system functions, including clients, managers, connected devices, server settings, and more.

GPS tracking - an extremely fast growing and widely used field. GPS Tracking is used in countless businesses and various technology sectors. The growing transportation sector and improving GPS technologies have led to great opportunities for GPS tracking companies. GPS Tracking is emerging as one of the most promising business areas with tremendous growth potential. GPS Tracking is used for various purposes such as locating people, tracking vehicles, heavy construction and agricultural machinery, taxis, rental cars, school busses, bicycles, scooters and others.

Start GPS tracking business without big investment, choose a basic plan and scale up as you grow. You don't need advanced skills, all the hard work is on us. Server maintenance, backups, security, up-to-date software and other essentials are all overseen by us, so clients can focus solely on the business.

GPS tracking software

The GPS tracking software is an open source product recommended for customers who need complete control over the software and database. Self-hosted GPS tracking software is used for local installation on a public or private network. Included source codes allow you to modify software features and design. You can connect an unlimited number of GPS trackers and users. Purchase includes a one-time fee, no monthly fees or commitments.

    Brands we work with
    The software is compatible with 765 devices presented by 125 manufacturers
    • Teltonika
    • Gosafe
    • ATrack
    • Meitrack
    • Bofan
    • Ruptela
    • Xirgo
    • Concox
    • CanTrack
    GPS Server is full of innovative features that will improve daily life and business
    Forget limitations and take an opportunity to use a world class service
    Create accounts and sub-accounts
    Create independent accounts for your loved ones, friends, and clients
    765 compatible GPS trackers
    Connect any GPS tracking device which is available on the market
    Request a variety of reports optimized for personal and business use
    Tracking history
    Monitor live location or access tracking data that is up to three months old
    Alerts and reminders
    Get important reminders, alerts, and other notifications
    Points of interest
    Mark important places on map, draw geo zones and routes
    Configure various sensors like ignition, temperature, pressure, fuel, CAN-BUS
    Remote control
    Get complete access to vehicles with the remote GPS device control
    Overview of general account information and statistics
    Multilingual interface
    Software is translated to more than 30 languages
    Manage maintenance records and get reminders about upcoming service due
    Fuel management
    Monitor fuel level and consumption. Stay informed about fuel thefts an fillings
    Not sure where to start?
    Challenged to find a suitable solution, not sure which option is best for you?
    Contact us and our experts will help you find the right model for personal or business purpose.